Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Greenwood Garage Door

Professional Garage Door Greenwood IN Garage Door Service began in 1988 as a business specializing in providing the sort of customer service that people in the Greenwood region need after they’ve had a new garage door system installed. Back then, we saw a lot of installation professionals and businesses pushing new garage doors in the area. And, we rightly suspected that many of those companies didn’t have the same degree of focus on taking care of those systems afterwards as they did on selling them in the first place.
That is why the initial focus of Greenwood Garage Door Service was on repairing and maintaining existing garage door systems, working in the Greenwood region. Today, our service area is broad, including Greenwood, Greenfield, indianapolis, beechgrovein, fishersin, and plainfield. other regional cities and communities. We’ve earned the trust of our regional neighbors, as well as such national corporations as Lowes and Home Depot, companies that entrust us with their own garage door customers. We handle their regional warranty repair work. If they get a garage door openers  Greenwood  call, they contact us.